"Jessica has been an integral part in helping me move out of an existance crippled by anxiety into a position where I am getting my life back and excited for the future.  Over the last six months Jessica has been a gentle yet passionate guide who has used her amazing intuition and knowledge to help me see myself and events (both past and future) in a new light. Thank you Jessica!" - SC, Middlesex

"I am delighted to give you this testimonial as your help was invaluable and a mental lifeline through what was a deeply shocking and upsetting time for me.  I felt you listened very hard when I explained what had happened and your thoughts and perspective on the whole issue were a massive comfort and support.  The problem has not disappeared but my ability to deal with what has happened and accept it (albeit reluctantly!) has improved. I felt the hypnotherapy at the end of the session was massively beneficial. During the first session I cried all the time and just felt devastated but the tears were also a release of all the sadness and terrible disappointment. That initial release has enabled me to go on and get on with my life. Only my sister and you know what has happened, along with the person involved in this issue. It is so good to feel I have two people who I can talk to and trust. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart." - FW, West Sussex

"I contacted Jess in January following a difficult 18 months of surgery, pain and sleeping problems. This was my first experience of hypnotherapy and after three sessions with Jess I was able to find new ways of dealing with these issues and left feeling very positive for the future.
Jess is excellent at what she does and provides practical and emotional support. I cant recommend her highly enough." - SC, West Sussex

"Jessica's talk on vision boards was fun, creative and interactive. She has such a passion for what she does and it really resonates when she talks about it and shares her knowledge. Jessica is so approachable which meant so many of us felt comfortable to ask her any type of question and it was great to get to know other people’s experiences because of it. I loved her playful way of teaching and I now use vision boards for myself as well as my clients. So powerful and would highly rate her as a speaker and therapist." - Lara Jezeph, Guildford

"Through both hypnotherapy and coaching, Jess has helped me massively with anxiety and panic attacks. After struggling for a long time to manage these issues, I now feel far more positive about the future. Jess has given me many techniques to keep my anxious and negative thinking under control, and I also feel more confident and comfortable in myself.  She has a kind and understanding character and really makes you feel as if you matter, approaching treatment to suit you as an individual rather than just any other patient, which I found really beneficial. I would definitely see Jess again in the future if I needed to and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a more informal and personal type of therapy." - Rachel, West Sussex

"I have had 4 treatments with Jessica and it has really helped me with coping with my mother's passing and accepting what happened. I can now talk about my mother without breaking down and have positive memories of her.
We also worked on other areas in my life and I have seen my confidence and coping strategies improve also.
Having the Hypnosis with Jessica has relaxed me as a person and brought me back to my happy old self again.
Thank you so much Jessica for helping me." - MV, West Sussex

“I was struggling to cope with feelings of deep sadness and confusion following the breakdown of my relationship.  The emotional pain and anxiety I experienced was so extreme that I was unable to eat or sleep properly which made me feel depleted and unable to function – I was desperate to find a way to help myself recover. I was recommended to Jessica and, when I made contact with her, she was friendly, yet professional, with a humble inner confidence which I found very reassuring. On the day of my hypnotherapy session, Jessica listened to my concerns with genuine empathy, discussed what I wanted to achieve from our session and then explained the process so that I was clear with how she works.  She then guided me into a very relaxed state where I felt comfortable and open to what we had just discussed; during the session she asked me a few questions and my answers came so easily, I didn’t feel as though I had to search for them. After my hypnotherapy session I felt relief – as though I had unburdened myself from some of the emotional anguish – but I was also very tired.  However, within two days I started to feel stronger and less confused – I was able to initiate boundaries to protect and honour myself which had been my main goal.  I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica and have no doubt, whatsoever, that her skills, gentle approach, intuition and insight supported me on my way to recovery.” - E, Horsham

"After the shock break up of a long term relationship I arrived to my first hypnotherapy session with Jessica, sad, troubled and feeling very delicate.  Jessica instantly put me at ease with her caring and gentle manner, and above all she listened and emphatised with my pain. The hypnotherapy session itself passed very quickly.  Jessica´s calm voice guided me through various scenarios and although it was emotional I felt relaxed throughout.   Jessica also did some reiki work - I could feel the warmth immediately! I was exhausted after the session, but after some of the exhaustion had passed I felt lighter, as if alot of the huge weight which I had felt in my heart had been lifted.   This lighter, more positive and calmer feeling continued all through the next day and the following week. 
The session gave me a huge boost and opened my eyes and mind to the fascinating and positive benefits of hypnotherapy and reiki.  I will definitely do more session with Jessica - I cant recommend her enough!" - LW, London

"I had my first hypnotherapy session with Jessica today. A tranquil setting aided a very relaxed session. I felt wonderful afterwards. Jessica is very easy to talk to & seems to hone in on what's important. Jessica genuinely seems to care & that comes through in the session, she's like an expert travel guide, she's taking you somewhere that's far better than where you are. Loved it, thanks xx" - Emma-Jayne, West Sussex

"I highly recommend Jessica. 
From mumbling down the phone during the first couple of sessions, which were a mixture of hypnotherapy and coaching to answering the phone with a clearer and confident presence, because I begun believing in myself. I had many aha moments and Jess questioned me in ways I had never thought of questioning myself, but it helped me understand myself and how I view life and areas in my life. She also gave me a boat analogy about thought and a very meaningful question that I will never forget. She genuinely believed in me from the beginning and gave me the space to believe in myself and be my own friend.  I had already done a great deal of self work, but the coaching/hypnotherapy journey opened my eyes and took me into a place where I'm ready to grow with a belief that I'm capable and I trust myself.  Jess was my guidance. But I was ready to put in the work and just have a go. What's the worst that could happen? I'm a little more nicer to myself haha :) Thank you! You're a amazing woman. Thank you for sharing what you love." - Stasia, Manchester

"I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Jessica and her no stone left unturned approach suited me as I am a holistic practitioner myself. From session to session I had a growing sense of importance and relevance of my goal and my actions designed around that core were therefor aligned and resonating with my values. Jessica is a great coach to talk to, gifted, professional and empathetic and has tremendous intuition! I will definitely see her again and keep recommending her services to others." - Agni, Bristol

"I have been having hypnotherapy with Jess for a while now. I find her sessions so supportive. I love the way she totally boosts my confidence in myself and helps me paint such positive vivid pictures, I feast off them for a long time. I will always remember the inner child work she did with me and how powerful it was and how much it shifted me on. Thank you Jess you are an amazing therapist." - Victoria, Worthing, West Sussex

"I am writing this review so that other people don't feel ashamed or embarrassed to say that they went to talk to somone about issues they have with themselves be it there weight or habit they can't seem to kick or a trauma or even day to day events that just seem to get on top of you.It's ok to feel failure. To understand yourself better and to feel nourished within a deeper concuiousness of your mind enabled me to see the even better person that I could be and am now. Jess gave me the tools so I can achive more today then I could yesterday...my goals have shifted since Ive met Jess and I more than capable of surpassing them....Thank you Jess for giving me the confidence to belive in myself xxxxx" - Rebecca, West Sussex

"I saw Jess in September 2016 to help stop smoking, I have tried several times to stop in the past and nothing really stuck. I really wanted and needed to give up smoking and knowing that Jess offered this service I thought what the hell and gave it a try.  I was sceptical at first but she made me feel so relaxed explained everything as going to happen and made the process easier than I thought it would ever be.
So 3 months later I still haven't had a cigarette, yes I get moments where I want one however I am now more than capable of dealing with the cravings thanks to Jess." – Stewart, West Sussex 

​"I have seen Jess for several things, all of which have been hugely helpful - I love this woman - but the help I got with issues I was having with driving after a fairly major car accident I had a few years ago was incredible. I was really struggling every time I got in a car and after a couple of sessions working on this with Jess my fears have completely gone. I now don't even think of jumping in the car and heading off. I would not hesitate to go back for help with anything that needed addressing in my life." –Millie, West Sussex

"I went for a hypnotherapy session with Jess about anxiety and I found her so easy to talk to, you can talk things through with someone who understands and know that you're not being judged. Jess explained everything so clearly and I can honestly say I feel so positive since, her hypnotherapy session has really shifted the way I think. I highly recommend Jess if you're dealing with anything big or small." – Lucy, Surrey

"Excellent Coach! Jessica's commitment to your well-being is aligned with her amazing compassion and willingness to empower you to become the highest version of yourself! Trust her, book a session and experience the Magic of her gifts!" – Naima Nouidjem - Founder, The Power Coaching Formula™ - Mexico

“Jessica is very relaxing to be with as a therapist; calm, peaceful and considerate. I so enjoyed my hypnotherapy. I had no idea what I would be letting myself in for, but the feeling of being so relaxed and still able to talk and connect with my emotions was totally unexpected. Then to be able to address them was amazing. I really am feeling a lot more relaxed and in my center. I don't feel the need to cry as I did!! Thank you!” – Lynne, West Sussex

"I have always been apprehensive about hypnotherapy and perhaps frightened by the prospect of being slightly out of control in terms of what I might say to someone I know little about. However my sessions with Jess have completely dispelled this fear and opened a door into a therapy that I feel is hugely beneficial. In essence for me it is like a relaxing meditation with a particular focus that initiates shift in thought from negative to positive. It is hugely relaxing and Jess has a great voice for guiding you through. Highly recommended." – Flora, West Sussex

“For years I have been lacking in confidence and really struggle in social occasions. I have tried Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy but with little success and decided to give Hypnotherapy a try and found this to be a really positive step forward. It has offered me an alternative way of thinking, Jess has given me the confidence to challenge myself and face situations, which previously were unthinkable.  Due to hypnotherapy I have managed to reduce my medication, which is brilliant and now have hope and a more positive outlook on life. – G, Midhurst

“Wow what can I say… An incredible feeling that I thoroughly enjoyed. People are always dubious as was I when it comes to hypnotherapy but until you have experienced it you can not judge, I loved the feeling of pure relaxation, not only in the body but the mind too.  And what better person to do it! Jess, from the moment I met her, made me feel welcome and relaxed, she explained hypnotherapy to me and made sure I knew exactly what to expect and how it would work for me.  I loved it and Jess has helped me in every way she could, following up after my appointments and offering advice or a chat if needed between sessions. Lovely girl” – Nicole, West Sussex

“I am a person who has battled with negative body image and a hatred for exercise for as long as I can remember.  I have tried every diet I know and have made up a lot of unhealthy ones myself to keep 'skinny'.  I guess the main thing I can say about the time I have spent with Jess is that she has given me the means to love and respect my body. I don't want to punish it, starve it, fill it with anything that isn't good for me or one of the most important things, hate myself if I do slip up or fancy something to eat that isn't great. I never thought I would actually be able to say I love exercise! I have such motivation and enjoy the feeling of my body getting stronger and healthier. My session with Chloe almost killed me ;) but I have come away with an exercise programme tailored to me, and my lifestyle, that isn't a chore to keep up. I have never had good fitness but have gone from having to stop running after about 500 yards to completing a 5k run without stopping within 4 weeks of training!!  The service offered by Jess and Chloe will give you the tools to achieve a genuine lifestyle change and I couldn't be more grateful for this”
– Sarah, West Sussex – Weight Management & Fitness Package

“Jess gave me a hypnotherapy session to help with my ongoing emetophobia (fear of vomiting). I have had this phobia for as long as I can remember and felt so comfortable talking to Jess about the problems and challenges this phobia has presented. We had a lengthy and in depth chat before the treatment so I could talk through my issues in depth. It was also a chance to learn more about Jess' background and her passion for her work, which made me feel at ease and totally comfortable. I knew I was in safe hands. Following my hypnotherapy treatment I experienced a scenario that would normally absolutely terrify me and send me into an unpleasant panic attack. I was totally amazed at how well I coped. The treatment is so relaxing and Jess does a great job. I'm looking forward to having some follow up sessions with Jess to see what other areas in my life we can work on.  A truly kind and amazingly knowledgeable therapist!” – Jo, West Sussex

“I found Jessica to be really encouraging and helpful in aiding me to see what my areas of concern were and how to improve. She was knowledgeable and I felt had a really positive impact overall. Jessica also made recommendations about things I could do, or things to try, books to read - I valued the sessions enormously. With regard to my goals for the future, I feel I am better equipped to move towards these as a result. Jessica is inspiring and I appreciated all the coaching she gave me”  – Amy,  London

“I received excellent coaching from Jessica, she helped me find confidence in myself making me feel more positive about the things that were and are happening in my life. It made me see myself from the eyes of someone else moving my energy and feelings to a better understanding of the important things, to have a happy and less stressful life. I feel now I can move on and get on with my life feeling good about myself and planning my time and being more prepared for my future. Thank you Jessica for your time and kind help”
– Daren, Midlands

“Jessica helped me gain focus and clarity. I went to see Jess when I felt extremely overwhelmed. I left feeling lighter and with a plan of action. Jessica is a fabulous therapist” – Kate, Littlehampton

“I was given life coaching for a period to help me to regain control of my health and fitness levels.  I was finding it difficult to find a goal to work towards. Jessica enabled me to look at different aspects of my life and see how other areas may have been impacting on my ability to reach my goals.  Through in-depth discussion with Jess she was able to set manageable tasks for me to complete which helped me to reach my goals. I was also given advice on different food types, exercise and ways of increasing my health and fitness levels. Jess was able to help guide me through and I spoke with her every week which helped me to stay focused, if for some reason I had not stuck to my commitments I was able to reassess the situation and set new short term goals which fitted in with my lifestyle. I am very happy with the coaching I received and found it of great benefit on many levels. Life coaching is something that I will look at doing again, as it helps me to look at my life from another perspective and really see where I need to make the changes for a happier life” – Liz, Scotland

“Jessica was integral in assisting me in identifying life goals and put in place a number of short term goals to assist me in working towards my life goals. Working with Jessica enabled me to gain clarity in respect of what I wanted and, more importantly, how I could achieve what I wanted. In the space of a couple of months, I went from being stuck accepting my current situation, to making changes that have moved me closer to reaching my lifetime dreams” – Lucy , West Sussex

“The coaching session were brilliant to help me align my goals and structure the organisation in what I was trying to achieve.  Jessica’s knowledge and assistance helped me compartmentalise the areas that required focus in my life and we worked each week on a goal to help me achieve this. After each session I had with Jessica, I felt much clearer on my direction which helped bring inspiration back to life and a general feeling of wellbeing” – Melissa, Dubai

“Jessica was friendly and put me at complete ease during the sessions.  She encouraged me to focus on a particular area through great, probing questioning, always remaining neutral. Jessica helped me look at situations from a different viewpoint, clarify my goals and above all focus. As a direct result of my sessions with Jessica, I greatly increased my focus and visibility at work and was seconded to Singapore for 6 months and also negotiated a pay rise. I feel I approach situations in a more logical, thoughtful and planned manner thanks to Jessica’s coaching” – Lavinia, SW London

“With the guidance I received from Jess I was able to clearly see a path to my chosen goal. Which is to work in the IT sector as an IT Support Engineer.  We started off by looking at my strengths and the things I would like from my new career. Such as progression, flexibility and variety to name but a few and what I needed to do to stay on target, which entailed actions such as keeping positive and breaking my day down so that I could concentrate on looking for work and spending a set amount of time on my IT coursework. We looked at speaking to people in the IT industry who may be able to give me guidance into getting to my final goal, which I did and I found that generally people were happy to give advice, which helped bolster my resolve to keep going and to keep looking for that gap in the IT job sector. The following meeting built on the aforementioned tactics and my general outlook on the progress I was making not just in my search for work but also in things such as Health, Friends & Family, Personal Growth, Leisure, Physical Environment and Money.  Although my time with Jess may have been quite brief as I only had six sessions, she helped me stay focused and have a more positive outlook on my new chosen path, which has ended with me getting a job in an IT firm as a technician starting in two weeks time. Thank you Jess” –​ Neil, West Sussex