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Find Your Phoenix – Amanda's journey to finding her inner phoenix and rising up...
How do you feel since your Hypnotherapy sessions?
I feel a lot, lot better! I feel much stronger in myself, which makes me feel it’s easier to cope with every day things. The biggest change in me is that I don’t take everything so personally any more, I don’t put myself down as often and therefore feel happier and more confident in myself. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good, I just feel normal!
How has Hypnotherapy helped you achieve that?
I just feel so much calmer in myself because I feel like I have become a lot calmer and I don’t put so much pressure on myself. I allow myself to let things go a lot more easily. I used to hold onto every little thing that I did wrong and every little mistake I made, I would hold onto it, so as soon as I made the next mistake, even if it was tiny, it would seem like it was snowballing and it would grow and grow. Now I can put things into a box and say to myself, “yes, you made a mistake but you have corrected it and learnt from it so it will not happen again” and I can move on from it, put it to bed, sort it out, rather than keeping hold of it.
What impact has Hypnotherapy had on your life in general?
I can’t tell you how different I feel inside now, it’s amazing, I feel so much stronger, stronger than I have ever been before. I feel like coming to you and having Hypnotherapy was the best decision I have ever made for myself because it has had such a positive impact, and the impact has continued to grow. I still have my off days, but I am human. Each day I feel myself getting stronger and stronger, from the first session I noticed a change and after each session I felt so positive afterwards. Now I know I am doing it for myself and I am using the tools that you have given me to help snap me out of moments where I would have in the past self-destructed. I feel more empowered and worthy of people, like I have re-trained my brain.
Going back to your first session, what were your first impressions?
I was nervous and I didn’t know what to expect but I remember feeling at ease quite quickly once we started talking, I felt that I could open up to you and because your treatment room feels like home it was easy to relax. I was very nervous beforehand, that I might make a fool of myself, but I quickly relaxed and felt comfortable to open up because it was informal and not like the counsellor’s office or Dr’s it just felt more homely, personable and more relaxing when I walked in.
What was the overall experience of Hypnotherapy like for you?
For me from the moment you took me into hypnosis I felt completely relaxed and able to close my mind off to everything that was going on around me, for me that was extremely helpful, I felt almost like I was being guided through a dream, like you were telling me a story, I found it really relaxing. I can still hear your voice now if I start to think negatively about myself and your voice is there saying “NO!” I remember you said I would notice the colours more and I remember on the way home I did. I drove home and the sunset was beautiful and I remember thinking how it was something to be grateful for and to be happy about, there were lots of things that had a positive impact.
I felt that I gained something in every session, and started to create my own tools to help myself. When somebody provides you with an idea on how to do something you can adapt things to work specifically for you.
How would you explain your experience in terms of the process you went through?
I felt like every week I made progress but that I needed those 7 sessions as that was the right pace for me to be working though things, on the 6th session it was like I needed to overview everything we had worked on and we recapped and I remember it was a very emotional session but I needed all the previous sessions to get me to that point and then in that session when I was able to let go of a lot of the emotion I had been holding in, it allowed a shift which wouldn’t have been possible for me before that point. Some people may get there in session 2 or 3 but for me I needed a bit longer to get there but I knew I was taking steps every time.
How did the experience differ from your expectations?
I don’t think I had any expectations really, I just wanted something to work for me. Whenever I have had counselling in the past, I have found it to work but after the sessions I always felt very vulnerable and it almost made me feel down afterwards. With Hypnotherapy, I would come to the session and I came away feeling positive, it always ended on a positive note and I always felt lighter. With counselling, I always felt like I had let out the heavy burden but I was still carrying it around with me, with Hypnotherapy I felt that I was able to let it go, always leaving on a positive and feeling re-energised rather than dragged back down with the heavy burden.
How else did it compare to other things you have tried?
Being able to talk but in a more relaxed way, it felt it was more relaxing, it was calmer, because you were giving me tools to work with, it wasn’t all one sided – when you go to counselling, they tend to let you speak but don’t offer you any help. They just want you to sort the problem out for yourself, which I suppose in one way Hypnotherapy does that but you also provided tools for me. It was more relaxed, it felt better and it wasn’t something I ever dreaded, I actually looked forward to it and enjoyed that completely relaxed feeling. I always felt positive when I left and it was so easy to talk to you.
What did you like most about the experience?
I loved being cosy and tucked up in the blanket but for me, I loved the way I felt on the drive home, everything was lighter and brighter and I felt like it was working and I was going to get better and I felt alive. I also loved being in Hypnosis and felt safe and calm.
Was there anything you didn’t enjoy or would have changed about the experience?
I really don’t think that there was, like I say I didn’t come with any expectations, I wasn’t expecting to feel this good, I really wasn’t, I just thought it would be another thing to try, to go through the steps but it really has empowered me and I think that that to me was more that I could have asked for. I’d have like to stay in Hypnosis longer because it was so relaxing and felt so good.
What has been the main benefit for you?
Letting go of everything and no longer blaming myself for things that are not within my control.
What do you feel you learnt most about yourself?
That I am probably a lot stronger person than I thought I was, I am not as bad a person as I thought I was and not to let depression define me. I don’t feel that is a part of me anymore.
How has Hypnotherapy impacted other areas of your life?
I have started running and training again and have entered a big race which I didn’t have the confidence to do in the past or if I did I would have turned up at the start line and I would not want to be there and I would feel anxious and stressed out about it, whereas now I am running regularly and I am looking forward to my races, if I don’t get a good time I can just let it go. Work is going well and on the whole I feel more capable than I ever did before, I am learning new things all the time and I am taking more on because I no longer have that stress in my head. Because I feel calmer in my mind I am able to take more on, listen to feedback and grow in my role. I am more accepting in my relationships with friends and my relationship with my husband has improved as I am more relaxed and happier and stronger as a person.
What would you say to other people who may be considering Hypnotherapy as an option?
I have already referred 3 people to you, two of them saw the difference in me and were curious as to how I had created the changes I had in such a short space of time. Loads of people tell me how different I am now, how I am more confident and how I hold myself better. People really noticed the change in me. It might not be the answer for everyone but it was the answer for me. You have nothing to lose by trying it but you have a lot to lose if you don’t. I don’t think people realise that there are more options out there, other than what the Dr suggested, I feel by booking myself in for some session with you I was taking control.